Melisa Klimaszewski, No. II, First Book: Poverty, Chapters 5-8

Melissa Klimaszweski

Melisa Klimaszewski

Associate Professor of English
Drake University

Dr. Melisa Klimaszewski is Associate Professor of English at Drake University where, in addition to Victorian studies, she specializes in critical race and gender studies and the literature of South Africa. She has edited nine of Dickens’s collaborative works for publication in their entirety with Hesperus Press. She has also authored a biography of Wilkie Collins and co-authored a brief biography of Charles Dickens for Hesperus. Her book-in progress examines Dickens’s collaborative Christmas works to rethink collaboration in the Victorian periodical press.


Chapters 5-8 Illustrations

Mr. Flintwinch mediates as a friend of the family. Illustration by Phiz.

The Room with the Portrait (facing p. 46) — originally, Phiz's fourth illustration for Dickens's Little Dorrit, Authentic Edition, 1901. A framed dark plate. Steel engraving for Book the First, "Riches," Chapter 5, "Family Affairs" (originally in Part 2, January 1856).

The Room with the Portrait. Illustration by Phiz.

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